My Projects

Alpine plant community phylogenetics

How did alpine plants come to exist in these harsh but beautiful environments? I am interested in using phylogenies to test biogeographical hypotheses for how alpine plant communities came to be.

2021 - Present

Mapping Museum Collections

Check out a web app we built to map the collections at the Museum of Southwestern Biology! Explore and filter collections by division, taxa, and collection year.

Opens in a new browser tab.


Diversification of Hawaiian Cyrtandra

It's incredible that so many plant species were able to find their way to the extremely isolated islands of Hawaii and quickly evolved into so many species. While at WSU, I used next-gen data to (try to) unravel species relationships within the Hawaiian Cyrtandra.

2016 - 2018

Purgatory Plant Anomalies

I looked at plant species whose Purgatory (CO) populations were odd compared to other widespread populations. This project got me hooked on plants and phylogenetics!

2014 - 2016